MEHD is an efficient journal bearing model for MBS simulations.

MEHD (Modal Elasto Hydro Dynamics) is based on a numerical solution to the Reynolds equation. An iterative approach, specially designed for MBS (Multi Body System) simulations, is used to solve it.

Journal bearings have a major influence on dynamics of a multi body system. MEHD gives the possibility to consider the nonlinear behavior of journal bearings in an efficient way.
It is available as a subroutine for MSC.ADAMS and RecurDyn and provides several modeling depths:

  • Voigt Kelvin substitution
  • (e)HD model
  • MEHD model

The software is controlled by a user interface, which is integrated in the particular MBS software. The interface is used to model MEHD bearings with standard elements of the MBS software.

(e)HD pressure distribution in RecurDyn