MEHD is a journal bearing analysis software with advanced MBS-Integration.

There is a direct link to common MBS (Multi Body Simulation) software like MSC.ADAMS or RecurDyn for an integrated simulation of dynamic systems like a crank or cam drive. This is done by utilizing an subroutine that includes the kernel of MEHD (Modal Elasto Hydro Dynamics).

Based on such results, detailed speed-sensitive fatigue and dynamic simulation data can be obtained (e.g. Campbell diagrams).

Order analysis by plotting Campbell diagrams provide useful information on critical rpm states and their nature.

All dynamic effects of the crank drive, like tumbling of the flywheel are taken into account. Stresses and fatigue are based on a realistic bending line of the crank shaft considering ignition forces, inertia forces, gyroscopic and dynamic effects, as well as the Elasto Hydro Dynamics (EHD) oil film properties.

MEHD interfaces are available to:

  • MSC.ADAMS - (Registered Trademark of MSC.Software Corp.)
  • RecurDyn (integrated solution) - (Registered Trademark of FunctionBay, Inc.)
MBS model of a V8 crank drive