MEHD offers the opportunity to store characteristic bearing parameters into an output file.

This file can be imported directly into the postprocessor of the particular MBS tool, as well as in FEMFAT or MNOISE for subsequent lifetime or vibration analyses.

The following parameters can optionally be stored:

  • Journal displacement
  • Journal displacement speed
  • Bearing forces and torques
  • Minimum lubrication gap
  • Maximum bearing pressure
  • Sommerfeld number
  • Pressure and gap height distribution in the MEHD model

The simulation results can be processed in various ways:

  • Dislocation orbits or time history of bearing parameters can be created easily in the postprocessor of the MBS tool
  • Pressure distributions can be represented in the MBS simulation animation
  • Reliable life time predictions, e.g. for crankshafts or conrods, can be done with FEMFAT
  • Dynamic effects can be represented in Campbell diagrams, e.g. created by MNOISE
Campbell diagram created with MNOISE